Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anawangin Island Day Two 03.29.2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

capones - anawangin adventure

Start:     Mar 28, '09 10:00p
End:     Mar 30, '09
at long last after 48yrs...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bugig Graduation


Chevron Kulitan Saturdays...

33rd Floor and Jollibee Convergys Makati

various pix

Mimi at St. Luke's Hospital 03.21.2009

After our volleyball game, We visited Mimi @ St Luke's Hospital. Super hirap pala pumunta dun, lakad lakad lakad...with Chi, Mer, Onin, ,Etel and Friend April.

>Admitted Thursday, for Gallstones removal. Friday operation at St Lukes
>From Mmimi: Thanks for the visit and for the prayers
>Ang gwapo ni Badong. Ang laki nia na, yun nga lang super iyak xa, kzi nakita nia c mer....
>Merienda at BK E.Rod, super gutom na kzi eh.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Inuman sa GreenHouse 03.14.2009

Grabe nga ang GreenHouse Effect, mejo unexpected ang mga pangyayari. I'm with the boys that nite. Chi, Nans, Mer & Edward.
>After watching movie headed to Ria's Greenhouse.
>Drinkers: Ria, Lei, Chi, Nans, Mer Edward, Me [cola drinker lang!!!]
>juicy chickas, blind items and confession
>catching up sa mga bonding times na nawala, sayang wala c gracie.
>Grabe, my ksama akong 3 lasing at 1 tipsy.
>muntik na kmi maka bangga ng Alterra
>Kopi kopi sa Mcdonalds Boni para mahimasmasan
>galit na c daddy, nasa galaan pa daw ako gabi na
>takot ako kzi Nans is driving under the influence of alcohol
>Bka pulitin kami sa Presinto netoooh...
>C Mer nag tawag ng uwak, uwak uwak uwak!!!
>Picture picture lang kmi ni Edward at tinatawanan lang namin cla...
>but Nans, brought me home safely!!
>Ang impluwensya nga naman ng Alak!!!

Ethel's Bday Bash & rhai's Despedida-KR SM Megamall 03.14.09

After practice ng vball sa Makati Hope High School, they've called me saying na nasa Megamall na daw cla, for lunch out. So hurry hurry na, baka ma traffic pa. I went there as fast as I could.

>Bought cake for my Jepjep and Yaya Liiinda
>Lunch at KR, with Team Chi
>After lunch, we watch movie at Shangri-La ---Race to Witch Mountain, with Chi, Mer & Edward

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guide on New Photo Requirements for Machine-Readable Passport

Just sharing. Plese be inform.

Chevron Volley Ball Team Fitting

It's fitting time ng uniform, shorts or cycling of course shorts. Materials and style is pattern to the UAAP uniform. We do the fitting with the modista, at the 32nd pantry with Keyrol, Lui, Raech, Alfie, Raffy and Louie. Opening games is on the 21st, so Manong kelan namin makukuha ang uniform, sabi ni Manong 22nd daw....grrrr.....pede bng 23 nalang Sunday ung 22 eh.....poink!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bye, Francis M!!!

Just to salute the master rapper of the Pi.  Affected ako diba, mejo lang, because Francis' music lives forever. His music, I always play everyday sa ipod ko at sa pc ko, even he's not yet diagnosed of leukemia, and even before He left us.Big influence ang music nia sa aming mag pipinsan, 90's is the decade where He really rose to the music stardom.  Isa sa mga fave song ko is Lab Song.

Lab Song lyrics

Under a shield of darkness
Your face glows in the moonlight
Miss the cloudless stars in the sky, so high
Don't wanna break free from your embrace
Just wanna look at your lovely face
Hold me till the end of time

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

If it takes a lifetime
Til the days turn into nighttime
Forever 'til the next life
Til the light escapes my eyes
Together you and I

It never ends cause it always starts
A love so deep in the fathoms of my heart
Drowning in a ocean of emotion
You're driving me crazy and I'm helpless
I've been taking a shower in this madness
So please say yes
Cause I'm confessing to you that I need you so

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

If it takes a lifetime
Til the days turn into nighttime
Forever 'til the next life
Til the light escapes my eyes
Together you and I

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

If it takes a lifetime
Til the days turn into nighttime
Forever 'til the next life
Til the light escapes my eyes
Together you and I
Together you and I
Forever til the next life
Til the light escapes my eyes

Together you and I

Just you and me
Just you and me
[whispers to fade]

happy listening. click here to listen

Long live your Music Francis.Rap in Peace!

Monday, March 9, 2009

San Pablo City ...03-07-2009

It's lolo Biloy's 1st Year Death Anniversary. Reunion with relatives from here and from Italy.

>chikahan galore with my cousins and titos and titas
>Nainitan kaya nag halo-halo sa Chowking
>Dad bought shorts sa Mall
>Tas side trip sa Sampaloc lake..babalik kami ulit for dinner
>Check out Mitchel's Altis
>Dropby sa Starbucks, Shell SLEX, ang init kazi

See you again sa April couzs...

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Day Francis M Died....

Shocking news, while on transit, Daddy called me that it was announced on TV that Francis Magalona died today... Grabe, to confirm the news, I called Laichee, to surf the net for reports but didnt able to answet the phone, then esep esep, sino pa kayang pedeng tawagan na nakaharap sa PC and still awake..I dialled Chi's number and luckily He's still in the office, like me He was also shocked, until He came to the pages of GMA 7 site to confirm..."Ay mummy, totoo nga" waaa......a big lost in the music industry. 

Francis Magalona.Music Icon.Nationalist.Mabuhay ka, ang musica mo Francis M.


Exerpt from News:

Touted as the King of Pinoy Rap, performer Francis Magallona passed away early this morning, March 6 at the Medical City due to complications from leukemia. Francis has been battling cancer since August of 2008.

Francis M left behind his wife Pia Arroyo and  children Unna, Nicolo, Francis Jr., Isabella, Elmo, Arkin, Clara, Saab and actress Maxene Magalona.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Basta Pansol...BIA! feb28-Mar 02, 2009

Feb28-March 02, BIA team bldg sa Pinakabagong Pansol, hehehe, ako naman eh na invite lang. Super thank you to my former team, at naalala nila ko, salamat sa efforts ni Papi Chi, at ng mga forever friends, ko cna Mimi, Jen, Ethel, at Gracie. I really miss ung bonding namin.

Madaming activities:
Food trip
ihaw ihaw
chikahan session
playing billiards

The LT of BIA, (Adam, Chi, Jen, Rhai and Myra), organized games. Surprisingly I am included sa team, My team mates are Thom, April, Etel and Jolluck, we are TEAM FRIEND, abay hango narin sa famous word ni April na FRIEND, why not diba. Walang ka effort effort naging 2nd place kami.Hehehehe.

Tas my mga awarding ever din, like the ANNUAL ACCENTUE CORE VALUE AWARD, on its 3rd year na. I'm once an awardee of the cosre value, yung ONE GLOBAL NETWORK. Congrats sa mga nanalo, also I'm proud my anaks, Jepjep and Junjun, you've grown so much guys.

Lastly, thank you sa forever friends kong cna Mimi, Ethel, Jen, Gracie, Joel Ohning. Mer at c Papi Chi and Adam. Mga anak kong cna, Yoma, Rhai, Tetel, Aubrey, Karen and Princess. Mga friends kong cna Tom at Myra,edward. New friends kong, cna Jolluck, Jedda, Angel, Joan, Lani at April (sorry if I missed anyone). So sa uulitin ha, sasama ako ulit.

What happens in Pansol, stays in Pansol!