Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

Typhoon Ondoy hardly hit Marikina, Pasig and Cainta.  Me is also affected. Chevron-MDSC under BCP mode and they allowed us to use our Letter of Authorizatioin - Hotel, we tried to get out of the RCBC Tower, but wind is so strong as well as the rain. Called transpo services, to be able to go home but to no avail, finally our Manager decided that we shud check-in na, called Rennaissace, Manila Peninsula, but their Hotel Shuttle is not available. InterContinental is the only available to pick us up at RCBC.

BCP moders:
MJ Chua
Melyn Tarrayo
Chona Lamason
Ayla Bondoc
Joanna Corpuz
Mhitch Lopez-Villanueva
Rai Danglay
Caroline Brady
Malou Gonzalez
Crissy Catedrilla
Edz Borromeo
Roel Zacarias
Jen Almazan
Mafe Aquino
Joan Evangelista

Enzo Eustaquio
Tin Nombers
Shereen Chu
Ay Farcon
Teng Hibanada

Other Teams:
Check-in 230pm, refresh and went to glorietta for take out.

Check-out 11am Sunday...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Off to Kimy Dora movie Sept 06, 2009

Robinson movieworld...with fave!!!

Our Civil Wedding

August 17, 2009 -

With so many reschedules and consideration, our civil wedding push through khit wala c papa. And it's Mama's 50th bday as well. Its official, I'm now married and a Villanueva na....

Hayy Am I ready?

Officiating Judge: Hon. Norberto Quisumbing, Jr.
Branch 21, Imus Municipal Trial Court

Lai's Birthday August 28, 2009

Food.Shots.Funny Face.

We bought Her Cake, Sleepcare pillow and Chiquito, for Chiquita....

Also Photo Shoot for MDSC Anniversary AVP.

Jedz Bday Celeb and Sheila Anne Last Day 07.25.09

Post Birthday for my team mate Jedz anLast Day of Sheila Anne.

10th Year Anniversary and a Surprise Engagement Ring!!!

I surprise him a cake, but He suprised me with a Ring!

August 9, 2009, we celebrated our 10th yr anniversary in our newly built house. We have dinner with my family and Dad's family.

We also have a cuppy cake as replace to traditional cake!

Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary together....

Also Daddy gave an engagement ring na...hehehe...

Thanks, kina Lai at Divine for cutting out the letter greetings for me...thanks gurls.....

thanks for my sis for arranging the backdraft...

We have li'l dinner at our semi furnished home....

We thank God for the blessings for the 10 years we've spent together. Looking forward for more years to come

Chevron-MDSC Bingo Social July 24, 2009

I missed this event, but I post it any way...

My 88 year Old dog

Ashley Angelica, is a 88 yr old dog, we recently rush her to our Vet to check, her tummy, coz it lumalaki and matigas...
For the past few weeks, Ashley is having a hard time urinating, so we brought her to her Vet for consultation. Dr. Sapin advised that she must undergo series of lab test- blood test, liver test, fecal test and xray. She referred us to Imus Diagnostic Center for Xray. She also injected her vitamins and medicines, so she'll be able to discharge her waste.

Vet advised that Ashley is now 11 y.o. ( which is equivalent to 88 years as per dog calendar), must be on a soft diet.

Hayy buti nalang magaling galing na xa...

Lab Test - Php 800.00
Xray 250.00
Medicines 1100.00
Consultation 400.00

We love you Ashley...

While Cory is sick

I shot this one week before former president died. lucky me to take pix of media still outside MMC waiting for any news about Tita cory's health condition.