Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Kalui Restaurant

I highly recommend for those who are visiting Puertp Princesa.  Please note tha you need to make reservation for a smooth dining experience, since they didn't allowed walk-in guests.<not totally allowed but for sure you'll wait 30min-1hr>. 

You can make reservation as soon as you arrived in PPC, or you can request to your travel agent to arrange it for you.

Fresh fruits as decors

You may opt to eat  sitting or....

do the indian seat...

this place is amazing

Kalui's pocket garden

they also gallery

souvenirs also

Bali inspired....

sorry didn't have a clear shot of the menu

Garlic Shrimp

D Best ang lasa ng sinigang - ayaw tamis at asim

coco fish

mango shake

thats talong

tuna sisig

free dessert

Puerto Princesa: Mitra's Ranch and Commodore Hernandez Mansion

Puerto Princesa: Mitra's Ranch and Commodore Hernandez Mansion

Commodore Hernandez Mansion is open to the public, but when the time we dropby the we were only allowed only at the pool area, the Manong caretaker told that the mansion is having a repaint.

sosyal na view deck parang club house lng ng executive village

you'll passby Dampa going to Baker's Hill and Mitra's Mansion

Sta. Monica Ranch (aka Mitra's Ranch)

Nothing much to do here, but for adrenaline rush - try their 3 course zipline for P500. 

Also a spectacular view of Puerto Princesa Bay.

Zipline Php500 3 courses

Location: Along Mitra Road, Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Baker's Hill

Puerto Princesa: Baker's Hill

Known for its delicious hopia, brownies and other pastries. Straight from the oven. They sell their goodies 

freshly baked at the bakeshop.

 They also have restos - their Baker's Kitchen, the brick oven pizza and a stall which sells pica pica foods and refreshments also.
They have mini zoo also - peacocks, myna birds < pogi! pogi! nung nakita c dad...ahahaha> pheasant birds.
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 The also have playground for kids, several slides and swings and life size statues - looney tunes, Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, animals, chefs and Marilyn Monroe <woot woot>


only in baker's hill
pasalubong galore
We also like the sungka stations. We played 1 round of sungka game.

BK is always part of the itinerary while you're in Puerto Princesa. 

Admission is free by the way.

Open everyday but No production of goodies during Mondays.

They stocked those baked on Sunday night.