Monday, September 15, 2008

Breakfast @ Flapjacks Greenbelt2

Whew...a yummy breakfast with etel, mimi, karla and me. Tagal din namin di nagkita kita after leaving accenture..except for Karla, we recently bonded in Boracay, so I miss Etel and Mimi...Yummy food sa Flapjacks mejo pricey pero ok naman, lalo na ung servings..malalaki....After breakfast we had our ffrap sa starbucks 6750 we were there til 1pm, grabe 8am pa kmi nag start ng breakfast tas afternoon n kmi nag hiwahiwalay...tumatwag na c daddy..galit na...super chickahan kzi kmi...

The bill is on us ni Karla, but next time it will be mimi and etel na....
We'll think of new resto to chill out again...

Karla Fiona..please post the pictures so I can grab it.


  1. di na nang iinvite si mami.. hays..

  2. yumyum! kalbo, kain tyo dito cympre sama nten si badong.. ehehe
    treat kc nya tyo! weeeeeee! :D