Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daddy's US Trip....huwaw!

Visited Our Dog Owner Club and meet Raja and Amila Siberian Husky, Dad and Me are planning to get one also. We also meet Mr John, a CEO/President of His company and we agreed the Rex, his Labrador, will be Chewy's husband. We also bought gift for Patrick and Chescka's first bday, A Royal Canin Dog Food.
Hayy...why the Title is Daddy's US Trip, cuz u know what, whenever we're in Bonifacio High Street, it feels like ur in US, Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd etc...So classy and sossy. Ahahahaha.
>I also used the Starbuck's Buy your First Drink and Treat your friend Free Stub. >We tried the DarK Mocha woah, Venti, our 2nd drink is for
>Bought boardshorts @R.O.X.
>2 Bag Tag for our travels...
And meet lots of favorite is Amila, a greyhound

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