Friday, November 25, 2011

Bicolandia: Lignon Hill Nature Park, Legazpi City

Pahingahan, after uphill trek

Mt Mayon - not-so-seen tip

LH's Zipline

Chowking is open on Saturdays & Sundays and Holidays

LH's Binocular

Wooo Rainbow...

Lignon Hill Nature Park

Another prominent tourist destination in Legazpi. Located behind the Legazpi Airport, its a 30 mins walk uphill so you better have a bottle of water on hand. You will immediately feel exhausted on your first 10mins. Many "pitstops" or pahingahan huts located in every curve.

Lignon Hill's offers a 360 degrees view of the City of Legazpi, nearby towns and islands, Legazpi airport, Legazpi port and the majestic Mayon Volcano. Entrance is Php20. You'll just need to register at DOT office located at the entrance. The hilltop is accessible through a scenic concrete road that winds up the hill. 

The best time to ascend the hill is at early morning just before sunrise, while the air is cool, because if this, it has become a favorite exercise area for local joggers.

We started our trek at 4PM, because of lack of exercise, I'm already exhausted after a few minutes of walk ( so hindi lng 30mins ang aking pag akyat sa Lignon Hill..depende sa taong aakyat) partida pa yun ha hindi maaraw, slightly rainshower pa nung araw na yun. SUper feel ko na ang pang iinit ng aking tenga sa sobrang pagod, buti n lng my water.

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