Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Kalui Restaurant

I highly recommend for those who are visiting Puertp Princesa.  Please note tha you need to make reservation for a smooth dining experience, since they didn't allowed walk-in guests.<not totally allowed but for sure you'll wait 30min-1hr>. 

You can make reservation as soon as you arrived in PPC, or you can request to your travel agent to arrange it for you.

Fresh fruits as decors

You may opt to eat  sitting or....

do the indian seat...

this place is amazing

Kalui's pocket garden

they also gallery

souvenirs also

Bali inspired....

sorry didn't have a clear shot of the menu

Garlic Shrimp

D Best ang lasa ng sinigang - ayaw tamis at asim

coco fish

mango shake

thats talong

tuna sisig

free dessert

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