Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doggie's Day Out:Dog Wash & Dash at Alabang Town Center

 Went to Dog Wash & Dash, sponsored by Paws N Tails at Alabang Town Center. It's our first this 2013, and it's Nikka Chow's first doggie's day out.  We registered online for us to claim a doggy loot bags.  
We decided to bring Nikka and Chin Chin to this event since it's just me and Daddy.  We cannot bring other small dogs since Nikka is a handful already.  The girls are so behave.  At first Nikka, is a lil excited, jumping in the car, so curious at the people and the vehicle outside the car, while Chin is just sitting and sleeping at the passenger seat.
Nikka Chow and Chin Chin on our way to the event

We really love to attend this kind of dog events since we meet a lot of dog owners, dog groups and even our fur kids meet new friends.  Freebies and treats are just additional.

Highlighting the event is the grand launch of Paws & Tails Mobile Grooming Salon and a super exciting Dog Dash.
A line up of amazing activities in a surrounding dog picnic set-up a FREE Rabies vaccination booth and consultation, Kite Design and Flying Competition, Canine Protection demo and a weight pull demonstration by Phil. Molosser Pitbull Org and Phil. Weight Pull Association.

Free Anti-Rabie Vaccination

We meet so many fur friends and also dog groups.

Freebies inside the loot bag

The event organizer Ms Mae of Paws N Tails

Mag a ama

Nikka Chow at the Dog Wash & Dash Event
Of course Photobooth Pic as souvenir

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