Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bound for Davao via Cebu Pacific NAIA Terminal 3

The third terminal of the airport, Terminal 3 or NAIA-3, is the newest and biggest terminal in the NAIA complex, wherein construction started in 1997. It was one of the most controversial projects the Philippine government has become involved with. Legal battles and red tape, especially international cases in both the United States and Singapore as a result of mismanagement of the project by the Arroyo government, as well as technical and safety concerns, delayed the opening several times.
The terminal officially opened to selected domestic flights from 22 July 2008 (initially Cebu Pacific only, then Philippine Airlines' subsidiaries AirPhil), with Cebu Pacific international flights using it from August 1, 2008. All international operations, except for those from PAL, are intended to operate from Terminal 3 in the future, originally proposed to move in fourth quarter of 2009, however international operations from all airlines except Cebu Pacific still operate from Terminal 1.

Terminal 3 has a huge space that caters to several food stalls and boutiques - from clothes, sports goods, bags and sports gears, jewelries, slippers and shoes just to name a few.

It's my first time here in terminal 3, since we always choose Philippine Airlines as our carrier
Luckily the terminal fee is still at PhP200
Well-wishers your line ends here
More shops inside the lounge area

Lounge area for gate 116
Your view from Gate 116
What's unique with Cebu Pacific flights is their onboard flight games with Cebupac merchandise as prizes. Surprisingly, no free snacks - you have to buy beverages, chips and sandwiches.  Also Cebupac merchandise are for sale: Plane stuff toy, travel kit, tote bag and others. 
I didn't like much the boarding pass, it's just a piece of paper like an official receipt.If you'll kept it on your purse while waiting for boarding, you might lost it because it's look like a receipt.
This is the SMILE magazine, the inflight magazine of CebuPac.

First time flyer
Not enough legroom for my husband who is 5"9'

I am equipped with my ever loyal camera, and my guide to Davao, which is (sorry..) it's the MABUHAY magazine of Phil Airlimes.

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