Friday, February 11, 2011

Davao Zip City


The most scenic, most accessible and the most friendly Zipline for all ages.
Located near Dencio’s Hilltop, Diversion Hi-way, Ma-a Davao City.
(for more details call, (082) 286-1055 or (082) 282-2339

Entrance Fee:     P300.00 per pax
                         (P100.00 consumable food at Dencio's canteen)

Open:     Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday  (9 am to 5pm)
              Friday and Saturday  (9 am to 9 pm)

Experience the most accessible, most scenic and the friendliest Zipline for all ages. The ZIP CITY is at Hilltop, Barangay Langub. And has the view of Davao Gulf and Mount Apo. This state of the art facility,  is also very accessible. On site is a resto bar to cater to your cravings. Nearby is Dencio’s Kainan, a famous  native restaurant.
ZIP CITY is using the standard equipments approved by UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme) International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation

The Platform
 You need to sign a waiver at the reception desk. Paid Php300 for 60secs. of thrill up in the air.
Harness and helmet
This is the 1st time that we'd tried Zipline.
Let's Go Dad, We can do this!
Kaya ko tooohhhh....
Daddy: "wwwooooooooooooo......"
"Lord gusto ko na bumaba"
Ganyan kahaba....
The view from Top
Yoohoo..we survived another first...
Once done, you'll be fetched by a multicab, that will bring you back to the gearing area.
Also the Php300 fee, Php100 is consumable at nearby Dencio's Grill and resto.
Dencio's Grill at Ma-a Diversion Road
View from Dencio's of Ma-a Div Road

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