Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bound for Hong Kong

Dizzizitt! 2013 really started with a bang - our much awaited vacay for this year. After reading forums and articles on Hong Kong. I've learned that it's winter time in HK (but no snow).  We've checked the weather updates everyday.  We also really don't know what clothes to pack until days before the flight.  I'm so glad that I have a classmate who is based in HK for almost 10 years now.  She gave me updates on the weather and what to clothes to pack . Also posts from GirlTalk Forum of really helped a lot.

flight 5J110
have your pasaporte ready and e-tickets

Check-in your luggage
Once the counters are open for check-in, kindly have your passport, e-ticket and credit card ready.  When you're done proceed to the counters for payment of travel tax and airport/terminal fees.

Travel Tax Php - 1,620.00 economy class
Terminal Fees - Php550.00


After paying for all the fees, you can now proceed in the Immigration. I-ready agad ang passport, e-ticket with boarding pass and travel documents

We are done checking in at 530AM, boarding gate will be open at 720AM, so many time to lounge around.

Since matagal pa ang paghihintay, we grabbed breakfast inside the boarding area. We have our packed sandwiches and just bought hot beverage at Bo's Coffee  (amazingly waley Starbucks)
Dad had a Cafe Mocha Hot Bev

Accdg to the weather and forums, malamig daw sa HK at 16C, so Justin Bieber ang peg ko
Bumi-vintage lang ang peg with travel charms
glad to know that there's a prayer room and footwash area for our Muslim brothers in NAIA Terminal 3.
ang taray ng board pass - receipt type. nasanay lng sa mga PAL at Airphil BP...
Boarding time!!! Gates opened much earlier than we expected.  Good for us. We'll be able to sleep for two hours while in flying. 

Cebu Pacific flights didn't offer in flight meals. You have to buy their snacks or hot meals. Ito na lang kinarir ko ung kanilang in flight games.  Won a gadget case for answering Anastacia Steele and Christian Grey...I know you know the question already

Bye Manila for 6 Days

first glimpse of Heng Keng este Hong Kong



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