Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale and Other Added Services

The long wait if over for this Hong Kong vacation.  We booked a Cebu Pacific flight bound for Hong Kong last October 2012.  We've got a  50% off on seat fare.  We initially opted the Clark-HongKong-Manila route, but we realized that we will still have additional cost on land transportation going to Clark, Pampanga. We checked everyday for seat sales, we checked every airline that flies from Manila to HK,  luckily we've got the chance to booked for HK a week after the much celebrated Chinese New Year.

Breakdown of flight fare on the left; Breakdown of added services that we availed on the right.

We initially paid the flight fare only, but after learning that a added services was available for seat selector, prepaid baggage and travel insurance, we availed the extra services and paid it on the nearest Bayad Center (actually you can pay in any bank).  Just make sure you settled the payments within 24 hours and if not they will decline or won't allowed you when you check-in.
Cebu Pacific - extra sevices
We always get travel insurance, whenever we travel - domestic or international. It's your safety net just in case.... 

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