Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer 2011: Splash Island

Food Court

Locker Rental

Wall Climbing (separate fee)

souvenir shop


Shower before swimming

It's the start of my Summer 2011 and started it with a SPLASH!

Since we cannot go to Boracay, we really thought of some fun getaway with just an hour drive away from the metro.
With our friend Mati's suggestion, we agreed to start summer in SPLASH ISLAND. 
Through the years, I am just passingby this water theme park whenever we go to Laguna via SLEX. 
Viewing from our car's window, makes me wonder - "maganda kaya sa loob ng splash"...ang taas ng slides" and I think I won't be able to slide from that high.
And also heard that the entrance fee is kinda pricey - "masulit ko kaya ang bayad ko jan..."
All of these hesitations fade away when Me, Dad and our friends decided to spent our first summer getaway at SPLASH ISLAND.

At Php500 entrance fee for adults, Php450 for kids ( Weekend and holidays). It's surely a well spent for your money, if you really tried out all the water park's amenities and attractions.
We really arrived early, We thought that if not, we wont be able to find a picnic table since tables are 1st come, 1st serve basis. But for security purposes we rented a cabana so our belongings will somehow still be secured.

Some of the Splash Islands Attractions:
Rio Montanosa - we really enjoyed this slide since it's like Rio Grande in EK, a number of sliders are allowed in one inflatable, but for us since XL size kami we are divided into two - Dad, Me & Joseph then Mati, Mikey & Karla on the other.
Dos Supremos - Only Dad and Mati tried this slide - well buti na lang (hihihi, nakakahilo daw sa loob...para kang malulunod..)
Isla Pawikan -
Twisted Palms-
Big Bam Boo
Balsa River
Spalsh Spa
King Pilipit-hayyy..super exciting ang slide na kzi enclosed ung slide pero maiiwan ung kaluluwa mo sa isang drop dito
Magellan's Drop - super unique this one, you'll plunge using a mat. Mikey really enjoyed this because his racing in this slide
Tausug trails- first experience ko with Splash Islands Sky high slides
Agos Grandes - wave..wave...wave - pagtapos gutom
Boon Docks
Water Wahoo!
Twin Coco Knots
Gift Galleon
Camp Carambola
Curl of the Orient - this slide is for kids...
The Harbor - u can play volleyball here, watch the band perform & a good photo ops under coconut trees...
Fiesta sa Pulo - food court
Zipline - didn't try ziplining
Wall climbing
Lockers - we opted to rent lockers para safe ang mga valuables.

We really enjoyed each giant slides. My personal favorite is the Tausug trails and King Pilipit slides. I thought Splash Island are just for kids, but the kid inside me really enjoyed this experience.
First afraid of the giant slides but when Karla assured me that experience will just give me fun and excitement - with no hesitations I tried all the slides. (kung si Karla kaya nia, ako din kaya ko...)

For lunch: We have grilled tilapia, liempo, pork bbq, inihaw na talong, salted egg and mangga & bagoong. Also tried mango shake and halo-halo. 

Down side: No food allowed, including water, they have food court inside. No trees in the parking lot. Most of the theme park goers, brought their own food but they ate outside. They picnic on the parking lot..Tipid lalo na if you have a huge number of family members.

With those thrilling activities, we are really dead-tired that the boys even don't bother to take shower..eeewwww....ahahahaha..we're not able to dropby at SLEX Starbucks for the final cap.

As a whole I can say that We really enjoyed Splash Island - we beat the First of Summer

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