Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mang Raul's BBQ at BF Almanza

Mang Raul's BBQ-han
Mati and Mikey invited us and Karla that they'll take us to BF's food strip and Ruins unfortunately Karla wasn't able to join us and we didn't had the chance to go to ruins since super traffic along Alabang Zapote road, instead Mati took us to Mang Raul's barbeque-han at BF Almanza - according to Mike and Mati - it's a must try - isaw..., pork bbq, adidas tenga etc. The place is so jampacked, so many bbq lovers already lined up and seated while others are standing waiting for their numbers to be called. 

Jampacked Saturday

orders - fall in line ..ahahaha

Order System

At long last dumating din ang order

BBQs with sawsawan
Happy eaters

Here's the ordering system - Mang Raul will give you a plate to put all bbqs you've chose. Once done they'll give u a number (like a queue number whenever ur in a bank) you'lll wait for your number to be called and that means your bbq is ready to be serve.
We waited 1 1/2 hours waiting for our number to be called. We're on number 9, and when we got there they're at number 47 palang ...whew..tiisan ng matinding gutom. As our number come nearer and nearer - dagdag naman kmi ng dagdag ng order kzi super nakakramdam na kmi ng gutom, hanggang sa ubot na ng 44 sticks of BBQ. Ahahahaha....

Then our number 9 was called -
Wow para kming mga patay-guts..ahahahah
44 sticks of different BBQ - adidas, isaw, pork BBQ, tenga, jumbo hotdog
7 - cup of rice ( 3 construction workers ang kasama ko tig 2 cups sina mike, mati at Dad
1 Coke 1.5L - maBUHAY...

After dinner, we chillax at Mati's rooftop. Enjoying the cool summer breeze of their open roof. Enjoying the plants (ang dami) ang photo ops...(some of the pix are shot by Mati)
Also kwento kwento about life.
Celebrate also the end of Junior Year of Mikey. He'll enter Senior next school year..Yahoooo...Attorney one year to go... 
It's nice to have good times with good friends.

Mang Raul's BBQ Stand
BF Almanza, Las Pinas City

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