Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Week 2011: Quezon Province - Dampalitan Island

Prep for Lunch - Fried Spam and Tilapia

Tent City



Low Tide


Dinner - Grilled Tilapia and Porkchop

Dogs in the Island

Hammock Time

Sunset View



Dampalitan Island

After visiting Borawan Island, it's a 20minute boat ride going to Dampalitan Island.
After finding a nice spot to pitch our tent. Daddy Knerr hurriedly start building up our tent. Arranged our things and cooked lunch.We also camp at the island overnight.

Most campers choose Dampalitan over Borawan to camp, because it has a long stretch of white sand (reminds me of ANAWANGIN Cove at Zambales) and so many pines trees for a more relaxed and cool feeling.

Entrance fee: 30/each
Pitching of tent: 150/small size
Container of fresh water: 300/container
Boat Rental: 1000

We arrived Good Friday, but most of the campers are already there, Maundy Thursday palang.  There's a huge group of campers when we got there.  Ate Mercy, the local island caretaker shared that this group annually went to the island every Holy Week.  Ate Mercy is also surprised since a number of local tourist flocked to Dampalitan this year.  

A week before Holy Week, Kapuso Mo, Jessica, a documentary show aired in Channel 7 and hosted by the award winning Ms Jessica Soho featured Summer Getaways for 2011. One of the getaways they featured is Quezon Province's Borawan and Dampalitan Islands.
Located at the Southern most of Luzon Island - Padre Burgos Quezon.

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